Two new additions, a lot of books and a very nice email


Just to give you all a small update.

Last weekend I was able to acquire two nice AS/400 systems. Both look like the one in this picture:


Very nice systems indeed. They are AS/400 systems 9406, model 170. They used to belong to a life-time Cobol and RPG programmer. There is a very sad story behind the fact that these systems became available, but I like to leave it at that here. Together with these systems there was also a wealth of books available. Most of them about the AS/400, but also a few about MVS and Z/OS. Books that to me are valuable for the history they tell, but would not fetch much on today’s second hand market. So it turned out to be a very nice trip and I met a couple of very nice people on the way.

And at the end of the same weekend I received a very nice email:

Hello Jeroen,

we met at the Vintage Computer Festival 2019 in Berlin. You demonstrated me your AS/400 and I was really impressed by this strange but interesting system.

And this was the impact on me:
Now I own not one but two 9401-150! The first one I bought some weeks ago and i tried to get familiar with OS/400 V4R5. After the first hard steps I get used of this (more or less, still learning). The second machine I bought in defect condition for spares for 70€. But after replacing a capacitor in the power supply it works without problems.

So I have to thank you for getting me into the AS/400 world.

Best regards,

I love to receive this kind of news. It shows that my efforts have an impact and I was able to inspire somebody to join me in preserving a part of computing history. Excellent!