Working on a lot of systems

On October 25 I got a visit from a friend who has been working on AS/400’s and all subsequent models since 1987. We worked on a lot of my systems:

  • We got on of my HMC’s booted up and were able to login.
  • We connected one of the 520’s (8203-e4a) and got the HMC interface working. 1 CPU, 8 GB, No micro-partitioning, iOS capable, Not VIOS capable. Unfortunately we could not find the ASMI password for admin.
  • We connected the second 520. This one I bought at an auction for € 28,31. We got the HMC interface working. The former client was very successful in making the device unbootable. Still, it has 1 CPU, 8 GB and is capable of VIOS and micro-partitioning.
  • We also got one of the P5’s (9133-55a) working. 4 CPU!, 24 GB! We got HMC access but not ASMI. Can be a nice AIX box (If I ever get AIX somewhere) or Linux box.
  • The other P5 was really stripped. We couldn’t get HMC access and decided to simply put it in storage.

Then we went on to my older systems:

  • The model 400 has one of the discs failing. I learned the disc head has a rubber stop at the parking position that, over time, becomes sticky. This I can fix later, make a tape backup of the running system and then fix the drive. This is one more reason why I want to build a small dust-free enclosure so I can safely open a hard-disc and fix them.
  • My model 800 has received it’s first drive. It did cost me some €180 to get 139 Gb iSeries drive shipped from the US but at least it’s got a drive now. It should be capable of running V5r2 onwards so maybe I will install OS/400 some days prior to one of the exibitions I go to. It does have TwinAx and Ethernet connectionsso that is nice.
  • My model 150 is now the easiest one to take with me to exhibitions. Last exhibition I had some Twinax trouble so I have to check my cabling before I leave for another one (exhibition that is). I do have to find the procedure to change the primary language from fr to us but that too can way a bit.
  • My model 300 is too big at the moment for me to transport from storage to my home to see what it can do. For now it can rest in storage until I can transport it. It would also make a very good system for exhibitions. Maybe, some day.

All in all a very fun day with lot’s of stuff learned.