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A new (big!) system

Some time ago, a friend of mine named Kris Buytaert (of devops fame) asked me if I was interested in an old and somewhat big AS/400. And, guess what, I was! Just last Saturday I took our van and went for a drive to the region of Antwerp. There, in a cellar, stood this big old machine. The only challenge was, there was a short flight of stairs we should go up with this system. And men, let me tell you, it was maybe all in all 5 or 6 steps, but the system was quite heavy. Finally we found a piece of wooden board so we could improvise a ramp of sorts.

Together with a lot of moaning and sweat we managed to get the system back to ground level. From there it was easy since there were wheels underneath the system.

So, here we are, wit a very nice big old AS/400 that we can start showing of at exhibitions. I didn’t have time yet to gather some specs about it. That has to wait until after the summer holidays.

Signing off, one very happy (new) owner.

A new system

Currently we are on a roll! We have 3 new additions to look forward to. The first one is this AS/400 system. It used to be from a company (of course) and because they are really careful with their data I got the system without hard-discs, but thankfully enough with the hard-disc bays to mount them in.

And there is more to come! I recently did a bid in an auction on an IBM 520. And, thankfully, nobody else was interested in some other old xseries 19″ server. But it was the small sticker on the front saying “HMC” that ticket me off. Hopefully the drive hasn’t been wiped. We’ll see!

But the fun isn’t over yet! In July I will drive to Belgium to pick up some old and sizeable server. No more specs available at this time. But we’ll see!