Welcome on the homepage of the AS/400 museum.

This is where we try to preserve the legacy of what was originally called the “IBM AS/400” computer system. Later it was renamed to the “eServer iSeries” servers and after that to “IBM System i”.

We are small, but dedicated. Oh, and (until somebody starts a branch office on another continent) we are currently located in the Netherlands.

What is an AS/400?

The IBM AS/400 appeared in 1988 as the successor to the successful IBM System/36. The AS stands for Advanced Systems. You can read more on the page about the history of the AS/400. If you would like to see how an AS/400 works, this is a great video to watch:

Do you have AS/400 “stuff”?

Well, like I said, we’re small (currently a one man operation). But there should be material out there that is worth saving, restoring, bringing back to life, and showing it to the rest of the world. The vintage computer festivals are starting to appear in the world and people should be able to see that there is more to computing than a Windows desktop (no offense).

Our “info at” address should work. Don’t be a stranger. We do like your stuff but our funds are limited, in case you were wondering if we could ship your big, fat, currently redundant, AS/400 to our storage facility.

And yes, any donation is appreciated.